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The #1 Skill You Need To Learn Right Away If You Are a Business Owner

An excerpt from my recent podcast with one of Australia's most sought-after Sales Coach and Business Consultant, Julian Van Der Waal.


A lot of coaches these days are making their sales over the phone and you know it is still a scary thing to do sometimes. And you've trained people to do knocking on someone's door and do some marketing.

Is there a takeaway that you could give to today's coaches that you've learned from door knocking that they could take to the phone?


Yeah, there are quite a few actually. Number one would probably be the resilience that you need to have in business and that's across in any business. You need to be resilient. The other thing is knowing your numbers. So sales is a very scary game if you don't know what you're doing. And that's not just from a skill point of view and you need to be skilled in sales, like technically skilled.

And to business owners out there, everyone that's listening to this, the number one thing that you need to learn how to do very quickly is to sell your own product. Number one, cuz if shit hits the fan, you can always go B to B, B to C, whatever you want to do and sell your product and make money very quickly.

You need to learn how to do that. Cuz if you can't do that and like I said, shit hits the fan and you need to rebuild, like me I've rebuilt my own companies half a dozen times, a dozen times. So I know exactly how they build it from zero back to a million dollars within 14 weeks. I've done it too many times to count.

So you need to know how that process works and you need to be confident. The reason why that's so important is that it takes away the fear of loss that you have with your sales staff or your marketing campaigns. Because if that doesn't work, you're in the shit and that is not a good feeling.


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