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Bucketlistology Tip #1: For Parents, Create a Separate Bucket List Between You and Your Family

An excerpt from my recent podcast with Worlds #1 Bucket List Expert, Trav Bell a.k.a. 'The Bucket List Guy'.


For the busy parents out there, who you know, maybe acknowledge that they don't have the same dreams as their families or their kids.

How do we go about incorporating our families into all the crazy stuff that we wanna achieve in life?


It's a really good question, a really good place to start given the fact that we can't go on all of our expensive trips, and you know, that cost a lot of time and money and these sorts of things, especially with the pandemic and its limited travel. Which is what a lot of people think a bucket list is all about, right? But it's way more than that.

Here's the thing, I wrote this piece of intellectual property years ago called, 'My Bucket List Blueprint'. Now, M.Y. B.U.CK.E.T. L.I.S.T. is actually an acronym to create a personally meaningful and holistic bucket list.

The T at the end is the trouble. Yes, that represents trouble adventures and all the other stuff you can do, there's a lot of stuff you can do straight away. All of it really is about being deliberate with intent and intentionally designing your life, which is what I call, a bucket list life plan. Right?

And, you should have one, your partner should have her or his own, you together as a team, you and your partner should have one together. And then your family should have one as well.

So we're talking one for you, one for both of you, one for you and your family. So you've gotta contend with three bucket lists, and there's gonna be some overlap. And that makes for a great conversation and great planning.

And there's gonna be some crazy stuff that you want to do that didn't involve or you don't want the kids to be around. Or that you don't want your partner to be around. And that's powerful. That's your thing, right?


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