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The 'Marketing Machine'

An excerpt from my recent podcast with break-through coach and renowned motivational speaker, Zac Dixon.


You gotta have skills. You gotta be able to market. You know, like you, you're a Marketer. You gotta know how to market, otherwise, no one's going to listen to you.

Now marketing doesn't just mean generating leads, I believe marketing means is having a personality that people are interested in. Do you know what I mean?

I always say to people, "Ask yourself, if you look at your Instagram, your Facebook, would you buy from you?" Like the person that comes on and you're like, "Hey guys, I'm here to..." I wouldn't pay 10, 20, or two grand to that person. I wouldn't pay him a grand! Do you see what I mean?

Think about this, I'd always say this to all my clients as well when I'm teaching, if Tony Robbins right now, let's say you didn't know him, no one knew him, but he had the same presence, the same certainty, the same charisma that he has. And he got on a call with you and he offered you a hundred grand service. You probably buy it. Without even knowing his brand because his personality is so...That's the MARKETING MACHINE.


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