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Don’t Give Up: A Message of Hope for Beginner Coaches

An excerpt from my podcast with business coach and marketing expert Colin Scotland.


Colin Scotland, the man you are today, what advice have you got for any beginning coach out there who may be struggling to pay their bills, but still wants to put everything they have into growing their business?

Colin Scotland:

Don't give up. I think what we've just said about social media and content creation encapsulates this. It's if you haven't had success, just put the word YET at the end of that sentence.

And then refocus your energy on the stuff that's happening inside you. That's driving you to do this, it might be food on the table, it might be your family, it might be the people around you. It doesn't matter what that driving force is. Just tap into it, and reconnect to it.

And you know, everything's energy and we're like little radios. We can tune our radio into that energy of, "I can do this. I can make a difference. I can put myself out there. I can put what I know and love and know to be true. I can put that out there in faith, in trust, in hope. And I can continue to do that, even though right now, I don't feel like it."

So you know, you can decide how you show up. And I would just encourage you to continue to show up in that energy of inspiration of awesomeness that you can unleash on the world. So don't give up on that.


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