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Do You Need Qualifications in Coaching?

An excerpt from my podcast with business coach and marketing expert Colin Scotland. Listen to the full episode here.

Alex: Do you believe that it's important to have qualifications in the area you're coaching? And what do you think is the biggest difference between someone who's studied their subject at university versus someone who's just learned from online courses and experience?

Colin: That's a great question. I think the academic skill is very abstract. It's a very kind of textbook, it doesn't always translate to the real world.

My journey is a little bit unique. In that, I did the academic thing, I was lecturing in marketing. And then during that journey, I built an online business alongside being a lecturer. And the stuff that I learned in business school just didn't translate into real life. They were like completely alien worlds. I would try and apply the stuff that I'd learned, and it didn't count. It didn't work. It was like, what did this?

There's a big gap between what the people in the textbooks tell you and what actually works in real life. So I really don't think it matters whether you have 500 qualifications or zero qualifications, I think what really matters is your ability to drive results for that person that you're serving.

So your ability to get that person from point A to point B or wherever they want to go to, that's really what matters.


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