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Advice to People Experiencing Mental-fatigue

An excerpt from my podcast with vitality coach Sally McGrath from 'Health That Heals'.


Say someone is feeling burnt out and called you, "Sally, I'm at home. I've got a job to do. I got the kids here. And I'm burnt out. How do I disconnect from all this stuff?"


First and foremost, identify and acknowledge. Maybe it's a lot, but it's not all failing.

I think what keeps people propelled in this cycle is if they put their hand up and say, "I can't do this anymore", it's already a failure, but it's not.

And that is something that I see time and time again. Like, Oh I'm a bad wife. I'm a bad mother. I'm a bad partner. I'm not fulfilling my commitments at work. I'm never going to get promoted.

There's all that pressure on yourself. So the first thing I would strongly suggest is, TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF YOURSELF. That is the first step to moving forward. We put so much pressure on ourselves, men and women, without even knowing it half the time.


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