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Unlock the Power of Podcast in your Business

An excerpt from a Podcast with Megan Dougherty, who is the co-founder of One Stone Creative, a concierge digital content agency that specializes in unlocking the power of podcasts for your business.


I wanted to talk about your show, the Business Podcast Blueprint. So I started Podcast as a bit of a networking tool and a good kind of reason to cold reach out to people I want to work with eventually. Because no one really likes getting cold DMs or cold emails but when you can invite them onto a show and start a relationship, I found that was a better way of providing value. We also use this to make a lot of content for social media. But why do you think a Podcast is such a valuable asset for a business in 2022?


You already gave two really good reasons. It's great for generating content on a consistent basis. I mean, one of the big problems, one of the big difficulties, of content is that you have to keep producing. You have to keep feeding that machine of content. A podcast is a really nice way to do it and it's efficient because as you said, you can also be using it to network.

The Business Podcast Blueprint is the name of our show and it's also a framework we use to help people build podcasts and those are kind of two elements of them right there. Its relationship building a podcast. So if you have a need to connect with people to grow your professional network for whatever reason, a podcast is a really nice, elegant, and organic way to do it. And if you just need content of different kinds or different purposes, unless you're doing something unbelievably wrong, you're going to get content when you podcast.

And some of the other things you can try to establish are, you know, building and nurturing a relationship with an audience you already have, or people who are already connected to you in some way or establishing thought leadership, and brand awareness. So these are the four categories I’d say that can be very useful for business owners thinking about podcasting.


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