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What is more important when it comes to social media following? Quantity or Quality?

An excerpt from recent podcast with Angela Arnold, who leads a strong team of marketing professionals.

What do you think about growing a social media following just for numbers?


I mean everybody listening should be nodding their heads, Quality over quantity, right? It's all about if 500 people follow you and 500 people are actual prospective customers that is way more valuable than 10,000 people who will never convert. Vanity numbers don't mean anything and the other piece that people always forget, especially when they're first starting out building their own community, whether that's on social media or another platform it's so easy to say I only have 40 followers. I only have 200 people on my e-mail list. You know what if you walked into a room and there were 40 people there standing listening to what you had to say that's a great number.

So it's so easy to get caught up with all well that person has a million followers, that person's getting 12 million views etc. 40 people, if they're really listening to you and they really care about what you have to say, that can be very meaningful.


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