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How to Make 'Triple Effect'​ Video Contents for Your Online Business

An Excerpt from a Podcast with Alan Howle, who is a Videographer/Video Coach based in Sydney Australia. Listen to the full episode here Alex:

Do you have any sort of tips for people to knock out some good video content without spending all their time editing and scripting?


Great question! So absolutely, I would think if someone was interested in creating some content and it doesn’t necessarily have to be video. Obviously, video can be really effective and everything else. There are three areas I would look to do. So think about first of all writing down ten questions that you get asked on a regular basis. So I always get asked how long should a video go for. And things like that. So questions that people commonly come to you and ask. The second thing is what are ten things that you can talk about or educate on. So you’re talking, you mentioned even the landing page thing. Three things that help a landing page convert better. That's one topic that you can do.

And then I would also think about five different examples or case studies of how you have helped one of your clients go from zero to hero. Now just depending on the type of work especially if you know you’re a coach listening or watching whatever the case is think about how can I take someone’s experience even if you don’t want to use their name, how can you take someone’s experience and share a little bit of the story in regards to where did they start what were the circumstances, how did you know to help them and progress them through to the hero phase of the transformation. So if you wrote down ten questions that you get asked on a regular basis, ten things that you can teach on and five examples of you know the zero to hero cases, there are 25 topics immediately that you’ve got that you can get started with.


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