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A Story of Success - From Being an NBN Labourer to Thriving in the Digital Space

An excerpt from my recent podcast with Ali Balaghe, a phenomenal e-commerce and marketing expert.


So you did half a million dollars in your first year. Thats great! You found success very quickly but I have also seen you talk about how you’re not really a fan of the gurus that are pushing over night millions with drop shipping, lambos, all this kind of things. How would you describe that first year of online business to someone who hasn’t tried it yet?


Okay, first year of online business is all about trial and error. And finding what works for you. Not going to something hoping that you’re going to buy a Lamborghini the next month. It just doesn't work like that guys. And if you’re a person that is scared to fail, believe me you will never be successful EVER. Because the most successful people have failed their way to the top. You cannot expect your journey to be like some other guru’s journey.

And let me tell you something about these gurus that sell these drop shipping courses and promise overnight success. Number 1: they are just selling points in their sales process. That's all it is. They are the key features and benefits that why you should buy my course and most of these people do not know how to run a drop shipping business and look, well after my experience in trial and error, if you are looking for an overnight success, you’re gonna make the person, offering it to you, successful. You’re never going to become that overnight success. It takes time, it takes effort, it takes learning, it takes failure, trial, error and it might not work for you in the first year, second year, third year but believe me, if you keep going it is going to work out for you. It is definitely going to work out for you because the lessons that you learn along the way is what's going to build you into the business owner and company owner and man and woman or leader that you need to become.

Every failure has a lesson and every lesson is there to help you optimize and prepare you for what's to come. So just trust the process guys. Trust it honestly.


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