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Social Media Marketing for Coaches and Consultants


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Are You Ready to Take Your
Coaching Business to the Moon?

We're not here to give you buzzwords. We're here to get you clients.
Using social media to get clients as a coach or consultant is far more simple than most people would have you believe. True, there's no one-size-fits-all solution that will work for everybody...but our done-for-you systems are designed to help you get clients in a way that is authentic to your business.

Over the past 12 months alone, we've helped businesses with marketing budgets ranging from $1,000 to $30,000 a month. Some with sales teams and flashy offers, some working out of their living room. What works for you is what matters. That's where we launch from.

We'll work with you to create more than just ads. We're here to help coaches create an automated ecosystem of marketing to find and engage audiences, collect data, nurture your prospects and move them further down your funnel until they're beating a path to book into your calendar.

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What We Do:

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Marketing for Coaches,
by Coaches.

To The Moon Digital Marketing was established in 2019 by Owner and Founder Alex Morris, and re-branded in 2021.


After 6+ years in the coaching and social media marketing space, plus a personal investment of over $100,000 into world class mentors, courses and certifications, Alex has helped clients to create millions of dollars in sales and lead generation in the coaching space.

 Our System:  

Over years of lead generation in the coaching space, we have developed proven systems to target, attract and present to audiences on social media. Using paid ads allows your business an opportunity to scale in a way that is simply not possible through organic, word-of-mouth marketing....and we have nailed it. 

We work with the following softwares to create a digital marketing network for your business that will see followers becoming fans, and fans becoming clients....then all that's left to do is launch, scale and repeat.


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