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Wrong Beliefs on The Law of Attraction [2/2]

An excerpt from my recent podcast with break-through coach and renowned motivational speaker, Zac Dixon.


The second thing that people do wrong I feel is they get what they want after a month or two months. Or let's just say after six to eight weeks they start manifesting more money but then they stopped doing all the things they were doing before. And all of a sudden, the next six to eight weeks sucks.

It's kind of like, you finally got what you want, then you'll like, "Oh my God I finally got it. I feel really amazing!" And all of a sudden, they go back at it again, they go back to their unconscious program.

If you're not getting ready every single day by programming your mind, someone else will program it for you. The media, Facebook, Instagram, it's going to program you. So you just got to make sure that every morning when you get up you're taking care of yourself before you look and get influenced by physical reality crap.


Before you check the phone and your computer, emails etc.


Always! That's why I say, I always used to say to you, when people want to get better with money, you've got to start your day feeling good with money. Because the first 20 minutes of the day, you're in theta brainwaves, theta brainwave means you're in highly suggestible brainwaves. Everything that goes into that brainwave comes through. So every time you look on your phone, and then you got an email from a Client or whatever, and then it triggers you and then you get out of bed stressed out. You're only programming yourself every morning to become stressed.

But if you can tap into it, you just coming out of a sleep state, you know, right before you go to sleep or right when you wake up, on first 20 minutes put money affirmations on. You want to get better with money, put it on, and let it program your mind. Because when you get off and you didn't do it, putting money affirmations, later on in the day your analytical mind will protect you and be like, "I don't believe this shit. This is bullshit", you know. But if you do it in the morning when you are half asleep, and you put money affirmations into your mind. It just naturally goes into the mind without analytical processing.


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