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Wrong Beliefs on The Law of Attraction [1/2]

An excerpt from my recent podcast with break-through coach and renowned motivational speaker, Zac Dixon.


You believe massively in the law of attraction. It's one of the main concepts when you're coaching and it really helps your clients get a lot of results. What's the biggest thing you see people get wrong with the law of attraction? And what can they do to improve that?


Okay. That's a really good question. I reckon from everyone that I've worked with, the biggest thing is they are excited at the start of the concept of it. They like, "Wow! This new thing Zac's talking about, if I just visualize what I want, I'm going to get it." And I can remember it happened with you as well, where you'd be so excited at the start and you're doing everything that I said, because you know, certainly you'll always win.

And I'm like, you just do this, then you start feeling like it and living like it's already happened. And life will catch up because you know, things don't happen straight away, but things will happen over time.

So there are two things that I would say, this person A and person B. The first one would be, he will start doing the internal work. He'll do it for two weeks feeling good. And then all of a sudden they hit a plateau and go back to the old unconscious program. And then they're like, "Why doesn't it work? I did it for two weeks and it didn't work."

It's because they don't do it lasting enough. Everything you see right now in the physical world is just previous thinking. So what you are seeing right now in your physical world, is your previous thinking and it catches up over time because there's a time delay between the metaphysical and the physical world.

So that would be I think the first one where people don't last long enough. It's like going to the gym for two weeks. It's not going to get results because there's a time delay. And if you do it for long enough, your body will change, your physical world will change, your bank account will change.


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