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Why Coaches Should Create Content Every Day

An excerpt from my recent podcast with digital marketer Colin Scotland:


Why do you think it's so important for entrepreneurs to create every day?

Colin :

So it's really rather simple, right?

If I say, look, I love to help people. People that are driven by something inside of them that feels bigger than they are, right. People that have this burning passion inside that they want to realise as a coaching business, as a consulting business, to free up, to retire their husband, to be able to quit their full-time job. And these kind of burning desires that people have. I say, I want to help people like that.

And then if you look at, if you, if you look at my world online and you see like tumbleweeds and crickets and this page about me and all of my qualifications after my name, nobody cares about any of that, right? Nobody cares about those. You know, that those years you spent studying and all of those things, all they care about is how they can realise that burning desire.

And so part of that is you creating the content that helps them to realise that burning desire. Because if you want to go from A to Z and I produce content for you, that genuinely takes you to be, and to see then guess what that's done. All of a sudden, you're like, oh wow, man, Colin can help me to get to Z. He's already helped me to get to C.

So now the decision to look to Colin, and I'm just using me as an example, right? But to look to that as the example, as the person that can get you to those end results becomes a much easier one. So you don't have, as, as a coach consultant, you don't have to sell because already people come to you and they see, I call it your ecosystem, right? They see all of this super helpful content in your ecosystem.

So the important thing to think about is the journey that you take people on in your process with what you do.

That's what you should create content around, not what you see out in the world. It can be a checklist, but the content that you create really has to be focused on the journey that you take people on.

And if you, if you allow yourself to, to give that freely, then man that just sends ripples out into the world. People look at you and they see all of this content and they are moved. They're moved on their journey, which brings them closer to you as a potential client. So it's kind of a win, win, win, win, win, right.


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