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The "Busy Trap"​ and How to Get Out of It

An excerpt from my podcast with vitality coach Sally McGrath from 'Health That Heals'.


What advice would you give to someone who feels like they need to be going a million miles an hour, 24/7, to achieve what they want?


STOP. And start to identify, why do you have to do this? Is anyone saying you have to do all these things that are making you busy? Are you actually busy? Or are you so swept up in that mentality of being busy?

Anything that is asked of you or given to you or you reluctantly say you'll do, is that all essential? Or are you just taking it on because you've just been so swept up in this cycle, you don't know where to stop.

And that's where I find busy has become a badge of honor. But also very dismissive, and that's my area of concern because "busy" is detrimental to fundamental lifelong happiness in what I call the primary health area. So "busy" will integrate and just bring down your whole life.

Redefining what "being busy" is one of the big things that I break down with my clients. And all of a sudden once that light bulb of moment happens it's like, "I'm actually not busy. I'm just flooded." And that's what being busy does to you, it floods your brain, making you think that there’s so much going on, and it's overwhelming. And therefore you just say "I'm too busy." And so you shut people out, you shut everything out.


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