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Miranda's Alchemy: A New Approach To Help Your Clients Get Results

An excerpt from my recent podcast with business coach, mum and all-round super inspirational person, Miranda Marriot.


A lot of people in the coaching space do talk about strategy as you said. Or the other side where they talk about meditation, manifestation, subconscious programming, NLP, and all these great tools to help us in our life and business. But you have a different approach, which I think most people won't have heard of before. So tell me about how you help people get results.


So alchemy, there's basically like three parts to the way I teach alchemy and do alchemy. And so what it is, is that whatever result we have in life or circumstance that we're experiencing, there are things in the middle, "little cogs" is what I call it, that we need to change and shift in order to produce a different result.

So if a coach or any anyone in service consultant, like if they are having a result of no money, no clients, you know, bashing their head against the wall. Like trying really hard as I did for ages and just a tiny little pebble coming out from all the effort that we're doing. It's because these cogs are off. And I think there are three parts of cogs in the middle that are off.

One is what I call the superconscious. It's your level of consciousness, and at this level, we're either focused on the unconscious our ego, our fears what's on our head, and all of that. And oftentimes when we focus there, it often creates the worst nightmares and problems. Or we're focusing on our super-consciousness just in genius, intuition, our superpower. And the predominance of focus that we have will determine what's produced at the end result.

Then there's the emotional or energy layer, that's the next cog. And, um, really our emotional state impacts what we create in our results. Whether we're in a higher vibrational state, like joy or gratitude or courage, and we're in a lower one, like shame or fear. That will change and determine the results that we have.

And the third piece is inspired action. Now, this is the piece that most people just go to and think, 'I am just going to take this action and follow the strategy and then bang!' That is like, you really need to align that too and yes, this part's important too. But if those two are out of alignment, this won't really make a difference. You know, there were those months that I have four months without any money in my business. I was doing all the actions they told me I was doing everything and I was always someone who did that. But if my consciousness and energy weren't aligned, it would just go nowhere. So that's Alchemy in a nutshell.


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