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Knowing Your 'Why' Before You Know Your 'How'

An excerpt from my recent podcast with digital marketer Colin Scotland:


When you see the people really making an impact in this world, their why is so much bigger than them. And the person I think of the most is Elon Musk, his why being get humanity to Mars, which just sounds insane. And it's going to be a dream that's just so far beyond his lifetime, but he will work 18 hours a day to do it.

And I truly believe that guy and a lot of people up on top end, they do not care about the money. They care about the mission and that intense care helps them to get the money, but obviously, they need to get themselves out there.

And that's why they need marketing because often people with the ideas, don't also have the skills to get there, right?

They need to hire people, like me and yourself too who can help them implement.


Definitely, and it all kind of triggers from this reason, for being this reason that you do what you do. Why is it that you get up in the morning and do this? Why are you spending 18 hours a day in this particular space? What's the reason for that? What's the reason inside of you to make you do that.

And when we look at that, it really opens up a load of doors that are pathways to growth. Not just growth for you as an individual, but also growth for your business because you hit roadblocks of 'I don't know how to do this', 'I don't know what that looks like'. And you hit internal roadblocks like, 'I don't feel like doing that', 'I don't feel like I'm able to do that', 'I feel like an imposter when I do that'.

And so, that LOOKING IN is the pathway to that growth. So it's a really, really, really big and powerful subject, man.


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