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How You and Your Employees Can Both Design Your Lifestyles

An excerpt from my recent podcast with my fellow digital marketer Melanie Brandt.


Do you grow your team with the growth of the business in mind? Or with your own time freedom in mind?


I grew my business within the thoughts that I'm actually growing my family. So everybody on my team is incredibly important to me like out of business which is really, really cool because we are all invested in the end result of the company's growth.

Which I think, you know, and we've heard it before that if you don't have a mission that your team's working towards, then everybody kinda just goes on, 'here's your documents', 'here's your whatever you need'. And there's no love put into it.

Whereas the people that I've brought into my company, have been in my space for many years and they felt honored to be on my team. So I think that's really, really cool.

And, you know, I didn't want to create jobs. I never wanted a job. This is why I started what I started. I wanted to be able to have that flexibility. And I wanted to be able to create positions for people that allowed them to work from home. So, I have a heap of moms on my team that raising little babies, this allows them to keep doing what they're doing and still have an income. And, you know, they're in complete control of how many hours that they take on board which is really, really cool, cause they've just designed their life.


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