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How to Choose a New Team Member for Your Team

An excerpt from my recent podcast with my fellow digital marketer Melanie Brandt.


I know you also have a pretty big team of people. How many people are on your team at the moment?

Melanie Brandt:



Thinking about seven people in your team, so that's seven paychecks you got to send out. Having a team member is a bit of a risk, how do you justify the risks of taking on a new team member? And that outlay of cash that you need to do?

Melanie Brandt:

I work with my team members strengths, you know, I don't really throw them things that I know they're going to struggle with because that makes me anxious because we're on such a strict timeline and we turn over such massive amounts of growth for people.

I think we've got, 30 something website builds in progress at the moment. It's absolutely insane! So I need to make sure that when I bring team on that they have the strengths that I need at that time. And really, you know, it's just about understanding, like everyone starts somewhere.

So we really guide them and teach them what they need to know. But I have specialists in every area I don't try and have one person that does it all. I've got people that create my content. I've got people that build websites, I've got people, you know, that literally excel in the areas that they love.

And it means that it doesn't feel like work for them either because they're just doing what they love.


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