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A Story of Success: From Being a Broke Health Coach to Becoming a Successful Business Coach

An excerpt from my recent podcast with business coach, mum and all-round super inspirational person, Miranda Marriot.


Was there a moment when you decided to shift from doing your health and wellness coaching, which was more physical base compared to the coaching you do now, which is more business and mindset based?


Yeah, for sure. So firstly, I was in the health space in weight, to begin with, and that was against my desire. A coach at the time told me I had to do it, you know, it was tangible, Then I'd just gone through this horrible divorce and all these horrible things. And I'd had this incredible resilience to get back to where I was. And I wanted to coach on that, not on weight. Weight was an issue I had when I was like 20, you know, and I didn't care about that anymore.

So one lesson I learned is don't ever choose a niche based on what other people tell you. Because as soon as I went from general health to like, just self-worth and self-confidence, my business skyrocketed. And that's what I wanted to do, even though my coach said not to.

That's one thing, but then I did go into business coaching after about three and a half years in that space. And it was interesting like I had a desire and an urge to do it for a few months, but I still was like, 'who am I?', you know. Like where is the successful business point that I can then become a business coach? I loved working with entrepreneurs and I had a lot of women in leadership, and with that, a lot of the women came to me.

And then at one point, I was just like, I really internally, I just want to work with them. And I made this shift in my mind and I literally just did this like, figure out my ideal client, little meditation and this energy thing around it, you know? And then the next day, a woman who knew a woman who knew a woman came to me and she was wanting to start a business in coaching. And I hadn't told anyone I was going to do it. And I was like, 'Oh, okay, like, 'Okay, this is it. This is the time.' You know, and that's when it started.


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